02 - How was the Upside Down created?

On this episode, Crystal and Nick explore the world of Stranger Things. What really happened to Hopper's daughter? Who created the Upside Down? Will Steve ever stop being so awesome?


These New Harry Potter Wands Let You Play a Magic Version of Laser Tag


JAKKS Pacific has released new Harry Potter wands that work like laser tag. Each wand comes with the ability to cast 11 spells at your opponent. Yes we will be buying these... for research purposes.

(We got this one a bit wrong. It actually does have a laser tag mode... as if we didn't want it enough.)

In addition to a night school version of Hogwarts that has you crash-coursing your way through learning spells, JAKKS Pacific says its Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands will have four additional modes of play that let you challenge other aspiring wizards. These include Spell Practice where two players race to properly cast a spell the fastest, Dumbledore’s Army which is like a Potterverse version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Wizard Tag which is reminiscent of laser tag where you’re trying to out-magic your opponent by casting spells and slowly decreasing the power levels of their wand.
Harry Potter Laser Tag

Disney's Star Wars Land  looks AMAZING!!!!


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